Originating from the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan, with its cherry red color, even fat distribution, velvety texture, and flavorful taste, Miyazaki Beef has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts all over the world.

Only meat graded 4 and above by the Japan Meat Grading Association can be called Miyazaki beef. The associatioin measures four elements to determine quality: degree of marbling, color of the meat, firmnedd and texture of the meat, and color and quality of the fat content.

Notable Awards

Miyazaki Wagyu has won various awards from the industry, including the most honored "National Wagyu Awards" by the Wagyu Registry Assocuation in Japan. This award, also known as the "wagyu's Academy Award", is given to the best cattle once every five years. Each time, more than 400 Wagyufrom some 30 places of origin would compete in the event which is attended by the Imperial Family members. The beef are judged by their color, fat distribution, meat fibres, and taste. The National Wagyu Award has now gone to Miyazaki Wagyu two consecutive times.

With its outstanding meat quality and breeding ability, the Miyazaki Wagyu won the "Prime Minister Award" in 2007. They also beat the beef from Kobe and Matsuzaka and became the overall winner - winning seven out of the nine contests - at the event.

Miyazaki Wagyu has been called "Japan's Number One Beef" ever since.


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